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Get An Eye-Catching Custom New Vinyl, Wood or Metal Fence In Many Styles Without Wasting Money On Unneeded Materials or Labor.

No need to overpay for a fence in order to add security, value, and charm to your business or home.

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"Get an Eye-Catching Custom Vinyl, Wood or Metal Fence In Many Styles Without Wasting Money and Time on  

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"Upgrade Your Yard!"

"Get a Beautiful Custom Vinyl, Aluminum or Wood Fence in Many Styles Without Wasting Money and Time on Unnecessary Materials or Trying to Do It Yourself " ...

No need to overpay for a fence to add security, value, and charm to your business or home. Lake County IL's Top Choice for Professional Fence Installation and Repairs Since 2009.

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Specialty Fence is an excellent contractor to work with. They are knowledgeable and help you to make the best decisions about your fencing needs. They pay attention to details, like scheduling, cleaning up the job well and are real craftsmen in the installation. The fence materials are high quality. I recommend the best fencing job!

--Peter Winkler

Specialty Fence is fantastic! Everyone involved, including Melody, Elisa, Mario, and the crew, were all knowledgeable and friendly. Mario and his crew took the time to make sure the job was done right. I recommend Specialty to anyone looking for a quality fence installation.

--Matthew McGregor

Elisa and her crew were outstanding. I had requested heights and form to our fences, and they exceeded my expectations and that's not easy. Elisa communicated well and went above and beyond to get the permits we needed. Elisa and her crew deserve 6 stars!

--Keith Evanson

"Add Safety, Protection and Privacy for You and Your Family While Boosting the Value of Your Home or Business! "..



Is It Time to Upgrade or Install That Fence?

There are many reasons why you need a fence!

 For example:

  • ​Nosy neighbors
  • ​Feeling exposed 
  • ​Keep your children safe
  • ​The last house without a nice new fence
  • ​Keeping pets contained
  • ​Keep out burglars
  • ​Rotting old fence

And the list goes on, right? 

Whatever the case may be, without a proper fence neighbors can easily invade your privacy, your home can become a welcome target for burglars and losing out on easily boosting your property value.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling, neighbors staring at you and your family as you try to enjoy your yard. If you’re having a barbecue, or it’s your kid’s birthday, they can peer over at you thinking you don’t notice. 

Or look through your windows and watch you and your family’s every move. Even the best neighbors can fall victim to the curiosity calling to them from your exposed property.

And as if that weren’t unsettling enough…

You, your family or even your business could be at the mercy of burglars who are always looking for an easy target… somewhere they can get in and out as quickly as possible, making an easy get-away.

We have a wide variety and styles of fences which can keep you and your family safe… help protect

your property… give you privacy… and make your yard more beautiful. 

 STOP Wasting Your Time and Money on Extra Materials Trying to Do It Yourself.

Sure, anyone could try and install a fence themselves, but let's be honest no one has the time or energy for that! Have you tried digging holes 42" deep through rock and clay not fun!
Or how many Saturdays will it take you and your friends to install it?  Then after all that work it might look pretty "thrown" together and you will still need to call us to come and fix it. Leave it to us the professionals, sit back and relax while we take the hassle out of it for you.

"Well, There Is Good News ..."

Locally owned and operated for over 10 years, Specialty Fence is the contractor to call for prompt professional service and installation for new fence installation and fence repairs.  Specialty Fence offers the value of exceptional material, warranties, preventative maintenance.  Powered by the expertise of highly trained professionals that are licensed and insured, we do the right things, for the right reason, every time.

Our Process is Simple!

Our goal is to work with you to create the right estimate for your budget, based on your individual needs, we will help you achieve your backyard goals.

1. Choosing The Best Fence for Your Yard Has Never Been Quicker or Easier.

1. Choosing The Best Fence for Your Yard Has Never Been Quicker or Easier.

  • ​Call us for an on- site free estimate, where we measure the layout and advise you on the best fence for your needs

  • ​ Get your estimate in your inbox in hours not days

  • ​ Schedule an Installation date that is most convenient to you 

2. Quick Installs, 1-2 Day's to Completely Install Most Fences.

We make sure your fence fits according to your property's terrain; we can build onsite to give you the most accurate and cost-effective results.

3. Enjoy Your Fence for Years to Come.

Our fences are built to last! and require minimum maintenance, depending on the fence material you choose. 

  • ​​Relax in privacy in your yard as you enjoy the view
  • ​​Peace of mind knowing your kids can play in an enclosed yard
  • ​Invest in your home, as our fences add value to your property

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Never Worry About Your Fence Again!

Qualities You Can Expect from Specialty Fence!

  • Experienced: Well trained staff & team members who can do the job right the first time...
  • Proven Track Record: Nearly 15+ years in business in the local area...
  • Solid Reference: Dozens of satisfied customers ready to recommend our services...
  •  Highly Insured: Providing top level insurance coverage for our staff, equipment, & your home...
  • Awareness: We try to disturb you & your neighbors as little as possible during the job...
  • Great Price: Competitive rates with all work performed discussed prior to beginning construction...
  • Financially Established: Debt free company with no previous legal history of disputes...
  • Prevention Minded: Recognizing potential issues before they occur...
  • ​Quality Products & Warranties: We use only the highest rated materials & back them with a 2-year installation warranty...

20+ Years of Combined Experience at Work for You!

What our customers are saying!

Classic Wood Fence for Natural Warmth and Beauty

Our classic wood fencing styles are available western red cedar, pressure treated pine and white pine.

Custom Wood Fence Styles Are: Solid, Board on Board, Traditional, Stockade, Picket & stockade.

These are the most common:

  • Solid: (Most popular) All boards are side by side on the finished side, post and rails are on the inside of the yard its being installed on. This style offers privacy, but the boards shrink 5% as they dry over time. 

  • ​Board On Board: Also known as "shadow box" its constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets, creating a gap in between for airflow

  • Traditional: This is our picture frame style built as a solid with horizontal rails across the top and bottom. It also includes 1x4 trim at the top, bottom & across the top.

  • Stockade: Similar to the solid style fencing but these are pre-built panels with 3-1/2" vertical pointed style boards. This style is considered the budget friendly fence, compared to other options.

  • Board and Batten: This style will give you 100% privacy, due to the overlapping touching of the boards on the same side. 
  • ​Picket: All-time favorite, with the height being 3'- 4' tall are common heights. The spacing between boards varies from 1''- 3'' making 50% open. 

  • ​We use 1/2''- 1'' boards 
  • ​We use ring shank galvanized nails 
  • ​All post are set in concrete footings (3'- 42'')

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We don't use Sub-contractors. Licensed & Insured.

Our Chain Link Fencing Offers Security and Durability 

  • ​Cost Effective: Chain link fence is one of the most cost-effective types of fencing available. The initial price is not only less expensive than other fencing, but it can outlast virtually any type of fencing

  • ​Security: Nothing says security like chain link fencing. Application includes securing enclosures such as; smaller residential yards to large industrial and commercial projects.

  • ​Durable: Chain Link is made of galvanized steel making it the most versatile material out there. Vinyl coating is a powder baked paint coating the steel making it possible for this material to last 30+ years! 

  • ​11.5 gauge - 8 gauge
  • Vinyl coated colors: black, green, brown
  • ​All post are set in concrete footings (3'- 42'')

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We don't use Sub-contractors. Licensed & Insured.

Upgrade Your Fence Without the Added Maintenance or Expense.

Vinyl fences are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for homeowners looking for a maintenance-free fence option.

  • ​Maintenance free: Vinyl fence requires far less maintenance than a wood fence. Vinyl won’t warp, rot, splinter, peel, or blister like wood. Vinyl fence never needs sanding, staining, or painting. All it needs is an occasional washing with a garden hose to keep it looking its best.

  • ​Greater strength and flexibility: Bufftech vinyl fence is up to five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood, allowing it to absorb the impact from everyday run-ins with lawn mowers and tree limbs. Bufftech fence features a steel reinforced bottom rail for a stronger, more rigid fence, reducing the chances of sagging or bowing.

  • ​Consistent color and fade protection: Stained and painted wood fences will peel and chip, and the color will fade over time. With Bufftech vinyl fence, the color is engineered to last. Bufftech is the only vinyl fence manufacturer to offer ColorLast® dark color fade protection, an acrylic formulation that provides superior protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

  • Lifetime limited warranty: Bufftech vinyl fence is backed by an outstanding lifetime limited transferable warranty, which includes our exclusive SureStart™ protection.
  • ​Building code compliant: Bufftech vinyl fence is tested to the highest standards for performance and includes styles approved for use around swimming pools and in high wind conditions

Is There a Guarantee? Of Course!

Our Promise

Quality work and customer satisfaction from start to finish.

 Quality Materials and Workmanship Guarantee

Our fence materials are manufactured right here in the Midwest. We purchase our materials from leading top industry manufacturers.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Our new fence installations come with a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a plat of survey?

Yes, it is helpful to have a plat of survey available for your estimate to determine property line measurements. Usually, village halls will require a plat to review a permit application. Additionally, the crews will need the plat of survey during the installation process.

What if I don't have a plat of survey?

Plat of survey's typically are provided with your closing papers when you purchased the property. If you don't have one first contact your village hall, they might have a copy on file. The last option would be to hire a land surveyor.

Do I need a permit?

Typically, all new fences will require a village permit as well as fence replacements. For fence repairs, most of the time you do not need a permit to confirm please contact your village hall for further details.

Who calls J.U.L.I.E/DIGGER utility companies?

Specialty Fence will make sure to contact all underground public utilities prior to installation. The homeowner is responsible for all private underground lines such as gas lines for grills, pools, and private power lines ect.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we have financing options from 3 to 36 months. We also accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

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